The Olive Glen Foundation it a non-profit 501 (c)(3) Christian Science nursing and residential organization serving humanity by supporting Christian Science healing in a caring family atmosphere.

The Vision

To inspire all who enter the atmosphere of Olive Glen with the evidence and gratitude of safely relying on God to meet all human needs.

The Mission

To heal, regenerate, and save through Christ-like compassionate Christian Science nursing and residential care.

Guiding Principles

The principles that guide us in our daily work. Delivering excellent services in a loving, courteous, professional, and prompt manner. Designing and administering an outstanding and innovative skilled Christian Science nursing program. Conducting a comprehensive Christian Science nursing training and mentoring curriculum. Attracting, developing, and retaining a competent, creative, and highly motivated workforce. Maintaining public trust by being skilled, ethical, compassionate, effective and cost efficient. Managing fees contributions and investments to cover the routine and planned operational costs. Preserving our position as a leader in the Christian Science Nursing community.

Core Values

The values under which we provide services and operate all our programs.

Quality - Strive to express the nurturing love of the Christ to comfort and heal.

Respect - Be compassionate, courteous, responsive, and professional.

Integrity - Act in an ethical, honest, confidential, and professional manner.

Receptivity - Be willing to listen, to be humble and receptive to new ideas - trusting.

Accountability - Take ownership and responsibility for actions and their results.

Strategic Goals

Goal 1: Olive Glen Foundation will be a sustainable operation for supporting the demonstration of Christian Science


  • Olive Glen Foundation will achieve financial sustainability through operational effectiveness, investments, donations, and grants.

  • Olive Glen Foundation will maximize its efficiency through the effective administration of its Christian Science nursing and staff ratios, training, retention and succession planning programs.

  • Olive Glen Foundation will ensure a plan is in place to maintain the facilities and grounds to meet present and future needs.

Goal 2: Olive Glen Foundation will be visible to those seeking Christian Science care and residential living


  • Olive Glen Foundation will provide organizational information that is searchable and easily accessible regarding Christian Science nursing, residential living, and responses to frequently asked questions.

Goal 3: Olive Glen Foundation will be in compliance with legal requirements, governmental regulations and safety codes


  • Olive Glen Foundation will maintain compliance by conducting routine process and procedural reviews.

  • Olive Glen Foundation will maintain an environment of accountability, integrity, and transparency.